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Caught in the Rain - Part 2


In this second part, what is explored is the life cycle of Latter Rain. It should be said that the movement is all but disappeared but the doctrines formulated in latter rain have been far reaching in the churchscape to the present time. What has resulted from the doctrines as seen below has caused damage to believers that is incalculable. The table presented below will document the time line of latter rain, it’s major players and their influence on the church at large. Please pay careful attention to the Detail  column: it is to serve two purposes: 1> to detail the teachings and to show the links between the original proponents of Latter Rain and subsequent movements. It is recommended that you do your own research on these individuals. I do not have the time to go into the teachings of each but the first part should give you an idea of what they held to be true.

The question to be asked is ‘What has been added to the body of Christ with all the below?’ My answer to that would be the following:


In each case, these individuals while expounding spiritual power brought in heresy through ‘modern revelation’ where the scriptures teachings have been extrapolated to the point of breaking. There has been losses to the cause of Christ in terms of His people who have been damaged – most irreparably, untold millions of dollars misspent to promote ministries that practice self-aggrandizement, at times gross immorality and spiritual abuse.

This is a reminder to you. At the outset in part one I mentioned that a key scripture to keep in mind is in Mt 7:15-23. In this passage Jesus warns us all to beware of those who come to us with various teachings. His conclusion is ‘by their fruit the tree is known’. I can go no further than that. The below is a detail of the Life cycle of Latter Rain.


Life Cycle of Latter Rain

In the historical patterns of the church, there is a life-cycle. Latter Rain has not been exempt from the ravages of time. In essence due to its lack of organization, it has most likely sped up its entropic slide. It has been stated that during its hey day, Latter Rain could claim over  1,000 churches in the United States alone, yet as the leaders have passed, so have their churches to where those that are true proponents of Latter Rain are perhaps a handful (although it must be said their influence over Christendom is vast). They are a diverse group and staunchly independent. As a result of this, they are no more, for the most part. Perhaps the best approach is to list the timeline of Latter Rain by the leaders and the major thrust of their ministries as they themselves would present. At present, most teaching of Latter Rain proponents are internet based and historical in nature, it is quite rare to see any particular ministry claim to be moving in Latter Rain doctrines at the present time – they usually call them something different than what they really are. As a side note, it is ironic that during the rise of Latter Rain, there was also a revival that spanned denominations and catapulted ministries such as Campus Crusade for Christ, The revivals at Asbury, Wheaton and Lee Colleges and Billy Graham Crusades.[1] It would appear that God did not leave out those outside of the North Battleford brethren during this period of time.

 To 1947
Frankin Hall
Authored Atomic Power of Prayer and Fasting – Used by Hawtin(s) during North Battleford Latter Rain outpouring
To 1948
William Branham
Holds meetings in Vancouver , B.C. which Hawtins attend and receive laying on of hands from Branham.
February 1948
George & Ern Hawtin, Percy Hunt
After Prayer and fasting, Latter Rain outpouring begins: Directive prophesy is activated (Persbytery)
Apri 1948
Feast of Pentecost meetings held at Sharon Orphanage that year. In latter part of year, satellite meetings occur in Vancouver where Presbytery teams from North Battleford are used.
June 1948
Doctrine of restoration of the office of Apostle and prophet is preached in meetings by George Hawtin[2]
July 1948
Sharon Camp Meeting held in meeting Latter Rain doctrines are espoused: 1> laying on of hands for baptism of Holy Spirit 2> Restoration of Apostles and Prophets as foundational ministries 3> Concept of Present Day truth – present day revelation extension of scriptural truths (eisgesis) 4> Laying on of hands for impartation of spiritual gifts.
October 1948
James Watt
Joins North Battleford Brethren – becomes teacher and minister of Latter Rain – Holds first meeting where ‘Song of the Lord’ is initiated. It should be noted that Watt was influenced by the teachings of Marie B Woodworth-Etter (cira 1885). The song of Solomon was key in her teaching and would later be adopted by Myrtle Beall and her followers as a key teaching of the deeper relationship Christ desires with the corporate church. [3]
George Warnock
Joins North Battleford from being associated with Ern Baxter who was William Branham’s secretary.
Manifestation of the Sons of God appears in Vancouver after meetings held by the Hawtins. Doctrine embraced by North Battleford. Many variants of this doctrine are spawned but central themes are common (see above).
Publishes Feast of Tabernacles, field manual for Latter Rain
Assemblies of God
Denounce principles of Latter Rain as heresy. Movement begins decline
William Branham, Oral Roberts, T. L. OSborne, A.A. Ash, Kathryn Kuhlman
These all were predecessors to the Charismatic movement in the sense that they had para-church ministries and ministered healing the impartation of spiritual gifts across denominational lines.
David Du Plessis, John Wimber, Kansas City Prophets
Charismatic Movement begins. Many doctrines of Latter Rain persist and are embraced, a  major apparatus consisted of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FBGMI). Guest speakers uncluded many of the notaries of Latter Rain and The Healing Movement that ran tandem during this period of time. The baptism of the Holy Spirit began to breach beyond Pentecostalism and into mainstream, traditional and even Catholic churches. The vision of restoring the baptism of the Holy Spirit to mainline denominations was spearheaded by David Du Plessis during this period of time (1960s). The movement had extended and touched the Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian,Methodist, Mennonite and Catholic churches by 1980.
Ern Baxter,James Watt, James Beall
Publishing of materials based on Hebrews 6;1-2. Watt was  principle in initiating this form of teaching – although principals of Latter Rain, revelation occurs 20 years after to produce materials for deeper life in Christ.
Ern Baxter,Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Charles Simpson, Preston Eby
Discipleship movement  begins – spawned on concept of authority (five-fold) and government in the church as through leadership.
Kansas City Prophets
Resurgence of the Apostolic Movement through Paul Cain (associate of Ern Baxter and William Branham) and others.
Toronto Blessing – extension of Latter Rain – James Watt , Paul Cain associated and supports movement
John Wimber
Signs and Wonders ministry – associates with Kansas City Prophets to bring them into Vineyard Fold.
After 2000
Mike Bickle (Kansas City Prophet)
International House of Prayer comes to forefront – 24/7 praise and worship initiated.  Sparks world wide movement
Todd Bentley
Florida Outpouring – claims foundational truth of resurrection of the Dead being restored. Identifies ministry with the angel (Emma) of William Branham’s ministry of the 40’s-60’s and that of Bob Jones’  (1980 – Kansas City Prophet)


As the above chronicles, the root of Latter Rain for the most part has influenced many spiritual movements in the Pentecostal world in the last 60 plus years. There have been some exemptions but for the most part, the roots of Latter Rain have found fertile soil in the Pentecostal circles of the church and this is where most spiritual abuse has originated.

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