Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mother's Day Entry

My wife Vicki posted this on Facebook today. It will not be visible to most and in that knowledge, I decided to re-post it here. This is for all the Mothers who will not receive any contact from people who are involved in shunning because it ti their group's practice. Notice that I say "group" here because they have no resemblance to their Lord or His body. In short, they should know better:

"Happy Mothers Day to the moms who will not receive poetic greeting cards or colorful bouquets of Spring flowers. Much love to the moms today who will not hear "I love you" from the other end of their phones or receive a hug hearing "thank you" whispered in their ear.
Happy Mothers Day to the moms who have lost their children to - a life that was interrupted too soon by death, a cult that stole away unconditional love or harsh words that severed a sacred relationship.
I give you hope today. Hope that you "will" see your children again, either in this life or the next. Know this..... a joyful, blessed reunion awaits you. A mother's love is stronger and holds tighter the bonds than any physical, spiritual or emotional schism can sever.
So Happy Mothers Day and look forward to that day! What a day it will be!!!"

We all have flaws, some perceived worse than they really are.  Nothing will over come the power of love. Nothing. Walls will eventually come down because of it. It is inevitable.