Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Level Set: Looking Back to a Healthy View of Authority

While most that read this blog may not understand the intention of it. I post it here to give an
example of a healthy view of how to respond to authority that has gone awry. One thing to be aware of, never let anyone outside the immediate local church define what the ruling documents of your organization are. If you see any of the characteristics defined in the below, please ensure that you take appropriate action to remedy these. The results of not doing so are well documented.

Please note that the spirit in which the below was written was that of reconciliation. To bring parties to a point to discuss and reconcile not to split nor to separate. Yet in most dysfunctional groups, power is concentrated to one or few and this is ironically its Achilles heel. It is a main reason that the office of Apostle in the church is no longer relevant -- because it cannot be held by people who have power but no accountability. This has been demonstrated throughout church history. I do not cast aspersions on Catholicism but there is little doubt the concentration of power lead to hundreds of years of corruption and by those actions and so spurred the Reformation to counter-balance such skewed viewpoints of authority.

This is a notorious document to some who may read. I put it here for those caught in authority run amok so that reason and balance and ACCOUNTABILITY may return.

In the ultimate sense we answer for our lives to God and those are hands into which we place our lives, destiny and none other.

The document is no longer relevant to the organization where it may have applied due to a total revision of ruling documents by current and standing members of the corporation. But I place it here for a template for any organization where outside authority's ability to lead and direct has reached a point of no return.  Personal integrity and local governance must continue in the face of such a situation -- fulfilling the goal of local pastoral and God given authority  -- to protect and serve the local church's members.



(the Organization)





This addendum to the by-laws specifically addresses a situation not detailed in the existing body of By-Laws of (the Organization) . This addendum is to be invoked only at the discretion of the Pastor and Board of Directors of (the Organization)  when deemed by them by approval in any called board meeting scheduled or unscheduled.  This addendum addresses areas regarding proper proceedings in the area of actions by leadership outside of local leadership of which (the Organization)  is in relationship at that time.


This addendum is considered relevant only when the removal in any capacity of local leadership is recommended by the leadership outside of that leadership serving (the Organization) at that time. The activation of this Addendum is to be made where those allegations of the removal of local leadership in any capacity are deemed by the local leadership, the Pastor and serving board of Directors, are not determined to be in the interest, security or stability of (the Organization) . This is to fulfill the scriptural mandate to protect the church members from divisions that may come in the course of the pursuit of ministries as cited in Acts 20:28:. This situation is evidenced when the considerations by leadership that is external to the local church perform acts or demonstrate intentions to local members that would or has caused the members or prospective members of  (the Organization)  to legitimately raise questions as to the decisions or recommendations made by such persons. This could include but is not limited to the following situations:


·         Directional intent (e.g. directive prophesy) for any of the local leadership (Local Pastor and Local ruling board of elders) or member of (the Organization)  that is considered to be in conflict with the pursuit or execution of their ministry as has been outlined by previous direction and recommendations and appointments made regarding them. These prior directions, recommendations and appointments are based on direction of the Holy Spirit that may have been documented by prior prophetic direction and/or confirmed by the precedent of the successful performance of their execution of such direction. In addition, it is recognized in this addendum that the manifest of demonstration of the Lord’s choosing of ministry for that individual by first their appointment and subsequent recognition by the local church members and it’s local leadership is precedent and deserves consideration as directional intent.


·         Motions or actions made from any external leadership that would cause the local leadership of  (the Organization)  to doubt in the ability of those parties or whom they represent to lead and perform their duties and so provide adequate leadership to (the Organization)  in whatever capacity as outlined in the By-laws of (the Organization) . As an example: When external leadership contacts local members of (the Organization) , for the express purposes of undermining local leadership that causes any member of local leadership to question the integrity of the Pastor or Ruling Board of Elders. In general, these matters if they are a concern to external leadership are to be broached with the Pastor initially so that they may be resolved without sowing internal strife and so cause instability of (the Organization)  membership.


When any situation or event arises that meets the conditions of this Addendum, a letter to the external leadership at that time should be submitted expressing fully the situation. This document is to provide enough information to detail and cite concerns of the local leadership (Local Pastor and local Ruling Board of Directors) to said parties to enumerate and express their concerns as they have deemed them legitimate. The legitimacy is to be confirmed by the agreement of the Board of Directors of (the Organization)   that has been clearly expressed by them and at the very least recalled by more than one party of that local body. It is recommended but not required that any letter submitted to external leadership be made a part of the recording of such events. This will be at the discretion and approval of the Pastor of the inclusion of such documents.


Should conflict arise concerning any area discussed in this addendum, sections in the by-laws of (the Organization)  that permit external intervention into local church affairs will be considered null and void in the following sections:

(sic: there was a section here that cited all instances where external authority was referenced in any transition of power.
Please ensure ALL references are listed here and all powers are made null and void)

This action is to preserve the integrity and autonomy of the (the Organization)  as a local church should it be determined by the local leadership (Local Pastor and ruling Board of Directors) that external leadership or any of it’s representatives perform their duties and responsibilities that are not in harmony with local leadership’s  (Local Pastor and Ruling Board of Directors) direction and purpose. This action will give proper and adequate footing to both levels of leadership – external and local-- with the express purpose of reconciliation and healing at the appropriate level and so provide a forum and facilitate peace and harmony amongst any relationships that exist at that time.



This addendum should only be invoked by the recommendation of the Pastor of (the Organization)  with a motion passed by the current Board of Directors. Should any board of Directors member be absent from that meeting, it will be considered to be a non-vote and shall not impact any quorum of that called meeting.


It has been a number of years since the above was written but I believe it serves as a good template for any organization seeking to counterbalance authority that is no longer responsibly operating in its given capacity. It is a time to be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.