Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hope, It Springs Eternal

Darker Days may be ahead for us all some say. We perhaps have been told it is then end of days. This is a theme historically used by leaders that manipulate through fear. This is their chief weapon against the truth and the diversion that puts into the minds of followers to stay in check lest they lose their place in the economy of whatever group they may be a part of.  It is fear that is the toll that scrawls on the heart that causes us not necessarily to act but to do the exact opposite of that. All I know is I have been praying  and praying hard. It was fear that kept me in check for years and it was fear that caused me not to act on what I knew to be right. So what are the arguments that freeze your feet and cause your immobility to act? 

11>     What if I am wrong? – May I say one thing to you regarding this. Follow your gut, intuition or whatever that comes from the inside from your heart. This is where the deepest of deceptions cannot touch. Say it out loud so your mind can hear it ‘What if I am wrong?’. Give voice to your fear and take it before God. ‘Repent’ of it and see if it leaves. If it leaves, you may indeed be wrong. My guess is it won’t. My guess is that you already know it is not wrong and it is that which is driving you and stressing you. You have done things in the name of God and Christ they have no part in. If  you believe that your accountability for such actions is because you have followed someone and they will shoulder the blame, you are mistaken.  I was told once to stop my efforts to do what I believed God had called me to do and my answer was ‘I will answer to God if I do not’. It cost me everything. My family, my ministry but in the end, I know it was the right thing to do…I wasn’t wrong.  Will it cost you? Oh yes. It may even be a price you cannot pay but no amount of diversion and busyness will take the pang of not doing what you gut has already told you. We are to suffer in this life and it is better to suffer for what is right than to suffer submitting to what is wrong.

22>     What will happen to my family? – This is perhaps the greatest of questions. I have lost my family because I decided that I had had enough of manipulation and what they called truth that was a chain not a bridle. I was not led, I was being dragged. A good way to assess your state. Are you being dragged or are you following? The main way to tell the difference is your own spiritual health. Are you growing in Christ or are you withering on the vine. Are you burdens being borne and shared by your leaders or are they only heaping on your life more weight and stress. Their strength is in your following not in themselves. They leech the light of a room to light and provide their way. More importantly is your dilemma: If you leave will your family leave with you. Let me answer that question: Where are you in life?  If you are younger and are raising a family, get out now. If you have woven the lattice of your life into the fabric of those you follow and who follow, your task is much more difficult. What can you do? Perhaps the most important thing: pray. Pray against the principality you serve under. Pray God will give them repentance that they may change before it is too late. Most of these are good men caught in their own inertia to serve Jesus out of love for Him  but the difference is  they execute the will of those over them with no thought of what they are doing. They will not be spotless in the presence of Christ for their duplicity.  Pray for your fellow members to give them strength and to keep their own integrity and spirit. Your main enemy is still fear. I will tell you these men who lead will run when they are opposed. When exposed, all they will do is scurry for cover. Keep your family close. Pray with them. Be honest with them but be careful. May your words be few and your prayers be many. Be wise as a serpent but innocent as a dove. One more thing do not linger until the time of the kool-aid. Cults self destruct and the tragedy is that many are caught in their undertow that had all intentions of leaving. Your family is at stake, live like it. Build their trust by your actions and never surrender your integrity.

33>     What kind of life will I have if I leave? – I will not lie to you. The false reality of the pink cotton cloud of the brand of security you have been living in for years will be gone. Tragically, it was never really any security at all. In a cult or dysfunctional religious group, you live in an alternate reality what security and spiritual covering and leadership are offered. Your cost for that is your life. Your life. YOUR LIFE…get it? I was a slave for over twenty years. I cannot get that time back. I cannot get that time back. YOU are wasting your life in people who will throw you out of their synagogue for an honest question. You know it has already been done. The Kind of life you will have after leaving? A REAL one. One with pain and suffering and regrets and guilt. One where you have to face yourself perhaps for the first time in your life and say ‘I was wrong’. A life where you will cry in anguish for the loss and the reality that your life is not in your power to control nor was it in any living person’s power to control. For once, you will have to set your fate into the hands of the Almighty. It is the deepest  and most courageous thing to do. To go to the cross yourself and see all your past die in front of your and to be dead for a time. BUT…there is a resurrection. It is not glorious but it is real. You then will have fought to have your life back and God being the gracious One that He is will be with you to live the rest of it.

There is something happening in the Spirit. I have just caught its scent on the Holy wind it is not a hurricane of power but a lilting cool breeze in your desert of the Spirit. With all the evil in the world and the lack of any standard currently in America, there is a swelling so deep in the ground to those who are plugged in and listening it is undeniable. What is it?
It is this:

 When the enemy shall come in likea flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. Is 59:19

The word standard here is defined in Hebrew as a ‘confined stream that the wind of Jehovah impels.’  This is why your thoughts will not recede and cannot be blocked or repressed out of your life. It is your confined life, your stream, that is driven by the wind of Jehovah..’ Your resistance to what you are living under is not in your strength and desire but in His. If you stay . take courage. Pray and protect the boundaries of your life and family..  If you leave, call me, the number is on this blog. I will help in any way I can do so. You are not nor ever will be alone. You have God. May your stream spring from hope and may the wind of Jehovah always compel you to do the right thing in your confinement. The door is open. Step through it. You will be amazed at what is waiting for you.